Invisible aligners?!
Now THAT’S brilliant.

Dr. Edwin Witcher is one of the best certified Invisalign providers in Pensacola! This means he’s a master when it comes to knowing all the tips, tricks, and techniques needed to transform your smile using Invisalign.

Invisalign 101: How an invisible space age plastic changed smiles forever

Invisalign first came out in the late ‘90s. By the early 2000s, Invisalign completely transformed orthodontics as we knew it, giving patients an invisible way to straighten their teeth without braces.

So, how does it work? Invisalign works by providing a small amount of tooth movement with each aligner tray. Each tray is customized to the specific treatment plan our doctors set out for you. You’ll wear them for about two weeks.

To make sure that your teeth are moving the right way, we’ll set up a progress appointment every six to 10 weeks.

Cool Fact: It’s recommended to remove your Invisalign aligners when eating or drinking and brushing your teeth. Just remember, never put them in a napkin as that’s the fastest way to accidentally toss it out.

Smart Smiles Orientation: Otherwise known as your first visit

During your free initial consultation, we’ll take scans, x-rays, and photographs for our team to better understand your smile and any underlying issues you may have. Common orthodontic problems include overbites, underbites, crossbites, and crowded teeth. If, after reviewing your images and examining your smile, Dr. Witcher doesn’t think Invisalign is the right choice for your smile goals, he’ll then recommend other alternatives.

At your free initial consultation, we’ll also go over the cost of treatment, as well as the amount of time you’ll spend in treatment. Some treatment plans require a patient to use Invisalign for just a few months, while some orthodontic needs require patients to wear their clear aligners for a bit longer. We’ll go over how long we anticipate your treatment to last during your initial visit.


Once you’ve decided to move forward with Invisalign aligners in Pensacola, we’ll use a 3D scanner to take detailed images of your teeth. These 3D images will help us generate a series of customized aligners for your teeth. The smart thing about Invisalign clear aligners is that they’re custom-made to fit your teeth as well as your gums. This ensures that your aligners will fit comfortably in your mouth.

Once you put your Invisalign aligners in for the first time, Dr. Witcher will check them to make sure that nothing is poking your gums or hurting your teeth. If at any time you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. And, if you think of questions after your visit or if any issues arise, just call us. We’re always here for you.


The key to seeing serious results with Invisalign in Pensacola is to make sure you’re wearing your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. The only time you would need to remove your aligners is when you eat, drink, brush, and floss your teeth, or if you have a special engagement you have to go to where you don’t want to wear your aligners. Overall, if you want to get the best results in the least amount of time, wear them for the appropriate time frame.

Dr. Witcher and our Smart Smiles Squad will also schedule check-in appointments every six to eight weeks so that we can monitor your progress and make sure your aligners are moving your teeth the right way.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to remove your Invisalign aligners if you’re drinking anything other than water. This will help you minimize your chances of developing tooth decay or staining your aligners.

Keeping your new smile looking picture-perfect

Once you’ve completed treatment, you’ll receive retainers to help stabilize the correction. Don’t worry – it won’t be necessary to wear this retainer all day like you did with your Invisalign aligners. Instead, you’ll only need to wear this retainer at night. Of course, if you want to wear it more than that, it’s up to you!

Invisalign FAQs

You asked it, We answered it!

Smart Smiles Orthodontics is the number one provider of Invisalign aligners Pensacola, FL has to offer. Clear or invisible braces are the terms many people use when they talk about options that don’t include traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are convenient, comfortable, and less noticeable than traditional braces. No matter what stage you’re at in life, our Invisalign treatment will work perfectly for teenagers and adults with minor to moderate alignment issues.

What is Invisalign?
Move over metal braces. Invisalign is here. Invisalign clear aligners have been around since the early 2000s. Since then, they’ve become even more advanced, providing cutting-edge teeth alignment treatment with the least amount of changes to your normal life, and how you see yourself.

No wires. No brackets. No worries.
Invisalign aligners are completely clear and were specifically designed to align your teeth gradually. Best of all, these aligners can be removed when you brush, floss, eat, drink, and for special events. But, for them to really work, you need to wear them for at least 20 hours a day. After all, the more you wear them, the faster your results.

How does Invisalign work?
First, Dr. Witcher will create a custom treatment plan just for you. Then, over the course of treatment, you’ll be supplied with a series of aligners for each stage of your treatment. Each aligner will make slight adjustments to your tooth position charted out in your custom treatment plan. You’ll change aligners about every two weeks.

How do the aligners work?
When the aligners are placed on your teeth, they cause your teeth to gradually shift from their current position to their ideal position. After approximately two weeks, we’ll tell you to switch your aligners for your next set, moving you one step closer to the smile you’ve always wanted.

What are aligners made of, and what do they look like?
These virtually invisible aligners, which are made of a thermoplastic material uniquely developed for the Invisalign treatment plan, look similar to teeth-whitening trays. The main difference is that these trays are harder. When you sign up for Invisalign, you’ll get a series of custom-designed aligners made especially for your smile and your smile goals. Each aligner is based on the plan that Dr. Witcher will create for you at the beginning of treatment.

What are the benefits of using Invisalign aligners in Pensacola?
The benefit of using Invisalign in Pensacola is that it’s the clearest form of tooth alignment treatment out there. What’s really cool is that most people won’t even know you’re wearing them! Aside from the clear appearance, they’re also removable, so you can enjoy all of your favorite foods without worrying about food particles getting stuck between your braces.

Will Invisalign treatment be painful?
While Invisalign moves your teeth without the pain and anxiety metal braces can cause, some people experience temporary discomfort for a few days at the beginning of each new stage of treatment. This is normal and is typically described as a feeling of pressure in your mouth. It’s also a sign that Invisalign is working. This discomfort typically goes away after a few days.

How often must I wear my aligners?
We find that aligners are most effective when worn between 20 to 22 hours a day and removed only for eating, brushing, and flossing. It’s crucial for patients to understand how important it is to keep their aligners on for the allotted time. Not wearing your aligners can extend treatment time, and no one wants that.

Who is eligible for Invisalign?
Looking for Invisalign? Then you’re in luck! Currently, at Smart Smiles Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign in Pensacola for teens and adults. If you’re thinking about Invisalign, remember that in order for the treatment to work, you have to be diligent in wearing your aligners for the appropriate amount of time (20 to 22 hours a day). Forgetting to wear your aligners can cause major delays in your treatment. So, if you’re not sure if you can remember to wear them, Invisalign may not be the best choice for your smile.

  • Adults: You’ve probably wanted to have straighter teeth for a while now, but at this stage in your adult life, metal braces might not be ideal for your lifestyle. Invisalign clear aligners offer adults the convenience and flexibility to live life without the hassle associated with traditional braces.
  • Teens: Invisalign Teen aligners are perfect for any teen, especially if they are involved in extracurricular activities. Invisalign has created a special system designed specifically for your teen’s growing smile. And what’s really great is that they can remove their aligners for school photos, dances, concerts, sports, or special events.

Straightening your smile doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Show your wallet how smart you really are

Getting a great smile is an investment in yourself and your health, and we want to make it affordable for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to offer 0% interest-free financing with zero credit checks. Plus, we accept most insurance plans, too. Not to mention, we also offer Invisalign in Pensacola for up to 60% LESS than the other guys! So, do the math. It’s just smart to get the smile you deserve from Smart Smiles Orthodontics.

These are the insurance companies we accept. Don’t see your provider listed below? Give us a call and we’ll check for you.

  • Cigna
  • Metlife
  • Aetna
  • United Concordia
  • Delta Dental
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Guardian
  • Ameritas
  • GEHA
  • United Healthcare
  • Denti-Cal (Medi-cal)
  • Interest Free Financing
  • Care Credit

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