How to Properly Care for Your Invisalign Aligners

How to Properly Care for Your Invisalign Aligners

Posted on September 5, 2023

Brushing teeth is part of basic hygiene, but when you have dental accessories you use on a daily basis, such as Invisalign aligners, it becomes necessary to add these accessories to your hygiene routine as well. If you use aligners, keeping them clean and caring for them properly will be a huge part of your oral care. Let’s look at a few tips on how to properly care for your aligners.

Use Regular Cleaning

According to Today’s Dental, the average American will spend about 38.5 days during their lifetime just brushing their teeth. Just like you’ve established the habit of brushing your teeth regularly, you will also need to add cleaning the aligners into this routine. Simply clean your aligners at the same time that you brush your teeth. This will help you develop this habit quickly. Piggybacking one new habit on the back of an older established habit is a great way to get into a new routine.

Be Picky With Products

You will need to be selective with the types of cleaning products that you use on the aligners. You don’t want to use any oral products that are abrasive. This might include regular soap, denture cleaner, and mouthwash. Gentle toothpaste should be just fine.

Perform Regular Rinsing

Each time you remove the aligner from your mouth, you should rinse it thoroughly. This will prevent the accumulation of plaque buildup. The aligner will have bacteria on it from your mouth when you take it out. If you put in the case and leave it with the bacteria lingering on the surface, it will breed more bacteria and have a negative effect on your oral health.

Avoid Eating With Aligners

You should never eat with your Invisalign aligners still in your mouth. Make sure to remove them whether you’re eating a small snack or a large meal. This is one of the benefits of having aligners rather than regular braces because you’re still able to eat foods like popcorn and gum.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign aligners, please contact Smart Smiles today. We are excited to offer this option to our patients who are in need of teeth straightening services. We are here to help create the smile of your dreams.

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