Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Treatment

Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on November 7, 2023

It’s never too early to start good dental habits. According to Zippia, there are over 100,000 general dentists employed in the United States. In addition to your general dentist, your child may need local orthodontics visits as well. Here are some telltale signs your child may need orthodontic intervention.

Speech Issues

Does your child appear to have a speech impediment? As children lose their primary teeth and wait for the permanent ones to grow, it’s natural for them to have pronunciation issues. What if there are lingering speech issues long after your child has a full set of teeth? In that case, your child may have problems pronouncing certain sounds due to severely crooked teeth or misaligned bite. Book an appointment with your local orthodontist to see what treatments may be available.

Crooked Teeth

When you’re child smiles or eats, do you notice that a few or many of their teeth appear to be crooked? When teeth are crooked or misaligned, it can be hard to properly clean each one individually. As a result, your child may develop tooth decay despite a brushing routine. Orthodontics specialists will likely recommend braces to straighten the teeth and give your child a straight smile that’s easy for them to practice good oral hygiene with.

Severe Bite Misalignment

Even if each tooth is straight, your child may have problems due to bite misalignment. This is when your upper and lower jaw don’t line up properly when you smile or clench your teeth. It can appear as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. Another problem with bite misalignment is it can make it difficult for your child to close their mouth when they sleep, potentially leading to our next sign.

Sleep Apnea

Speaking of jaw alignment, a misaligned jaw is one of the main culprits of sleep apnea. If your child has a small jaw or one that blocks their airway during sleep, it can create sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is often punctuated by a loud snoring and frequently waking up in the night.

As you can see, you have many ways to see if your child needs orthodontic intervention. Notice the alignment of their teeth or bite. Note if they’re having problems sleeping and or have developed speech issues. If any of these issues are occurring, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our team at Smart Smiles. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children can begin seeing an orthodontist as early as seven years old. If you’re ready for such professional care, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic.

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